Advanced Internet Monitoring Software

WatchDog™ provides advanced Internet monitoring software and performance monitoring tools, around-the-clock.

WatchDog™ will attempt to connect your site at regular intervals that you specify, to deliver Internet monitoring for site traffic and performance every two, five or 15 minutes. WatchDog™ also retries the connection to verify any potential problems with your e-commerce web site.

On Guard Around the World

WatchDog™ network traffic monitoring makes web site requests from web monitoring sites including:

Monitoring site traffic from around the globe, using multiple Internet monitoring sites, ensures that large-scale Internet disruptions don't delay your monitoring service from its routine site tests

Instant Notification

If WatchDog™'s network monitoring service is not able to load your page, it will retry the connection, based on your settings. If our system monitor service is again unable to load your page, we will immediately begin notification procedures.

Detailed Historical Reports

WatchDog™ includes historical records of your site's health -- allowing you to compare web site uptime to past performance trends -- and can compare your web site's record to other web sites on the Internet.

Customized Monitoring

WatchDog™ provides a number of ways to customize our network monitoring service.

Notification Settings: WatchDog™ can be customized to send notifications about site performance to a list of personnel, via e-mail or text-based pager. You can also choose to receive text message alerts from 9am-5pm during the week, and e-mail alerts on weekends.

Alert Settings: You can configure the web monitor to assign site problems into different categories -- warning, critical and recovery states. You decide if you want to be alerted by WatchDog™ during any one, or all, of the three states.

Timeout Settings: WatchDog™ allows you to specify acceptable timeout settings. This means that you can dictate how long WatchDog™ will wait before determining that a page is unavailable.

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