"I use the MyComputer WatchDog service to notify me if my company's site goes down. Our site is high volume and time sensitive, so the service has been extremely useful. We are notified quickly when there is a server error so that we can correct the problem expeditiously."
— Anne Karfunkel

Monitor your site, 24-hours-a-day, for less than 67 cents a day!

24-hour Site Availability Monitoring
Because Website reliability is critical to maintaining a successful ebusiness

  WatchDog is a powerful site monitoring service that guards your site against down time by checking site status at regular intervals, 24-hours-a-day, and alerting you of any problems.

  WatchDog helps you evaluate site uptime and monitor availibility problems. Here is a sampling of how WatchDog answers some important questions you should know about your site:

Question: How will I know if my site is available for customers to visit?

How WatchDog delivers.
Makes sure your site is up with:

  • 24 hour site monitoring
  • Instant pager notification
  • Instant email notification
  • Weekly email summary reports

Question: Can I monitor competitors' sites?

How WatchDog delivers.
Tracks your competitors' sites:

  • Enter competitors' URLs
  • Monitor their site uptime
  • Receive detailed historical reports for site availability comparisons

Question: Is my hosting provider delivering the results they promised?

How WatchDog delivers.
Audits your hosting provider with:

  • Online reports detailing historical site availability
  • Three different plans to check your site every 15 minutes, every 5 minutes, or every 2 minutes

  WatchDog is remotely hosted, so there is no software for you to install or download. You simply sign up and enter the URLs that you want us to monitor.

  Monthly $19.95*
For additional pricing information CLICK HERE

*Checks site every 15 minutes

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